• Mobile Apps Suite for Maximo

    Quickly build your Maximo mobile app for any IBM Maximo module; build as many as you want, update them in minutes, and distribute them to your Maximo users’ mobile phones instantly with MAXapps.

    Enables all the latest mobile technologies and features: barcoding, alerts, notifications, workflow assignments, GPS tracking, calendar display, work dispatch, IoT, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, videos, photos and more.

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Work Management


What Do You Want To Do?


I need to dispatch Work Orders to my crew – – – I want to assign WOs from my mobile app using Maximo, and have my maintenance techs view Maximo WOs on their mobile phone.



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Procurement Management


What Do You Want To Do?


For Directors to not need to log into Maximo everytime to approve PO’s – – – I need our Supervisors to be notified via their mobile device when a PO needs to be reviewed and approved, and have them approve from the mobile app.



See the Result:
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Take Photos And Videos
Intuitive application for IBM Maximo to take pictures and videos.
Directly Attach Pictures And Videos
Take photos or videos of your assets and attach directly to Work Orders.
Share Work Orders Photos
Quickly share important photos and videos with other users.

Take Action
Quickly decide with a touch or tap.
Instant Notifications
Recieve Alert Automatically.
Enable Any Workflow
Make any Maximo workflow mobile: Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requests, Invoices, and Receipts.

Review important data
Quickly review and take action on important data.
Powerful Maximo mobile app for reports
Receive report alerts automatically to your Android or iOS mobile or tablet.
Access Work Order, Purchase Order, Start Center Graphs, and KPIs
Make any Maximo report mobile: Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requests, Invoices, and Receipts.

Scan with your mobile device
Scan asset management that is important to you: Work Orders, received materials, and physical assets.
Reinforce your internal controls
Ensure internal compliance through the use of IBM Maximo Mobile with MAXapp for Android and iOS.