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Maxls clients
Maxls clients


“We are extremely satisfied with the MAXLS solution for Maximo.”

Ben Sim - Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

“JFC & Associates successfully implemented Maxvs scheduler from iMaxeam, for California Department of General Services. The customer and our team are very happy with iMaxeam support ”

John Connell - CEO, JFC & Associates.

“ABCWUA has been very pleased with the MAXLS product from iMaxeam.”


MAXLS Data loader is the premier and essential IBM Maximo add-ons product for mass data load. With MAXLS you import, update, upload and direct edits of asset and MRO data. Think Maximo with Excel.


iMaxeam MAXVS is the Maximo visual scheduler for your team. With the integrated visual calendar, Maximo users can view and schedule W.O.and a true calendar format. With a simple‘ drag and drop’, your schedule requires no manual entry for changes.


MAXIoT provides a fully integrated IoT Platform for IBM Maximo With the flexible dashboard provided by MAXIoT, users have a simple and intuitive way to build custom and dynamic dashboards. Clients can attach real devices and sensors to the dashboard and choose various display methods.

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iMaxeam serves clients worldwide by providing premier solutions for the IBM Maximo software. The company's add-ons products enhance and simplify the capabilities of Maximo. They are beneficial for Maximo business end-users and I.T. super-users. It simplifies data management and improves data access and visualization. The iMaxeam suite of products includes MAXLS for Excel-like data management, MAXVS for visual scheduling and planning, and MAXapp for mobile applications. By implementing the useful and powerful iMaxeam software solutions, Maximo end-users in the transportation, financial, energy, education, manufacturing and government sectors can better conduct, review, and understand asset management data that is critical to success. iMaxeam offers full support and upgrades on all the add-ons solutions.

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