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iMaxeam serves clients worldwide by providing premier products for IBM Maximo asset management software. iMaxeam add-on products enhance and simplify the capabilities of Maximo. These products benefit Maximo business end-users and I.T. super-users by simplifying data management and improving data access and visualization. The iMaxeam suite of products include MAXLS for Excel-like data management, MAXVS for visual scheduling and planning, and MAXapp for mobile applications. By implementing the useful and powerful iMaxeam software solutions, Maximo end-users in the transportation, financial, energy, education, manufacturing and government sectors can better manage, review, and understand asset management data that is critical to success. iMaxeam offers full support and upgrades on all iMaxeam add-on solutions.

Main Location

Our headquarters and development offices are located in the Montreal Canada metropolitan region. While we work all over the world, whether on-site with clients or remotely in satellite offices, we call Quebec home: 2100 Avenue Terry Fox, Suite 302A, Laval, QC, H7T 3B8, Canada.

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